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All people need a rest afer working on the day.Our bedroom is best place for that. Usually people should get a sleep for about 8 hours a day.

A good night rest help improve our mental and physical health.You should sleep in correct position for that.


There are many different ways that people like to sleep in.Common ways are sleeping on left side or right side.If you suffer from asthma , you shouldn't sleep on on tha back.

sleeping on ones right side can aggravate digestive problems.

The one side to sleep on,better than all of the other sleep positions.

Sleeping on the left side can helping us digest better and easier.It improve whole digestive system.Also it good for blood circulation and heart function.

It helps improve spleen function.More toxins leaving the body.Lose stress.

You try to sleeping on your left side every day for get better sleep and improve your health.

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