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Dark skin spots or patches are a common issue which most of people have.This is very unattractive.Many people try to solve this problem. They usually appear on the neck, underarms and inner thigh.Ineffective cleaning of the neck area, excessive sun exposure,genetics issue,diabetes,and sudden weight gain or weight loss are caused by that problem.

we can solve this problem with cosmetics ways.But they are very cost and it contain chemicals.Here is a natural way.Through thos we can get amazing results.

Ingredients :

One tablespoon of Olive Oil

One tablespoon of baking soda

One tablespoon of Salt 

Preparation : 

Make a  cream by mixing all of the ingredients in a  bowl.Then apply the mixture on dark skin and stay 20 minutes and wash cold water.

another option is by mixing milk , white clay and lemon in a bowl.Then apply the mixture on dark skin and stay 15 minutes and wash cold water.


Use sunscreen with appropriate UV protection when going out in the sun;

Consume foods rich in vitamin E and drink a lot of water;

Use pure olive oil, sea salt, and  skim milk for the preparation of the remedy;

You can also add a bit of coconut oil in the mixture;

Do this procedure three times per week, until the dark patches disappear;

This natural remedy is very successful.Also you try this.

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