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Do you wake up every night at the same time? That’s the reason for it.

Our internal system and clock have a connection. It controls our body functions. Our spiritual well-being and physical health directly contact with this.

According to traditional Chinese method they give close attention to the patterns of energy placement and movement to different areas of the body at different times. 

If you extremely wakeup in same time in night it means your energy blocked or misdirected. This disrupts our natural balance and cycle.

Your organs need energy to heal and operate.

Here you can see some few times and its associated organs. Your meal and it taken time consider for this symptoms.

Wakeup time and its means


This is the average time many people trying to go to bed. In this time our endocrine system rebalance and refill enzymes.

Endocrine system control hormones and metabolism. If you have sleeping disorder in this time it means you could be stuck in a fight or flight mode.

You are still stick in your mind a situation today happened or challenge you should have to face tommorow.Be positive and remove the factor that consider for stress.

If you have poor or late meal habit it can be the reason for that.


If you wake up in this time you should went to the sleep with resentment.

It considers that break down fat from gall bladder. The reason for that is oil and unhealthy fat.


This time is most important to renovation of the body. You blood circulation clean from break down and releasing toxin by liver.

If you wake up in this time the reason for that are anger, frustration and negative thinking.


This is the time that your lungs are repairing and filling your body with oxygen. Make sure that warm enough body functions. 

If you wake during this time then try breath exercises. a problems of lungs become by grief and sadness consider to your sleeping disorder. And also changing appetite, lucid dreaming, long term cold and sensitivity of stranger sounds considerable another factors for that.


Large intestine is active in that time. Poor or late dietary habit consider for that.





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