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Bitter Melon: Kill cancer cells. Treat for diabetes.

Bitter melon is a food that use as fruit or vegetable. They grow in Asia, Africa and Caribbean.

It used to treat diabetes in past. It is more bitter than other all fruits and vegetables.

There are more studies done for identify ability of diabetes treatment in Bitter Melon. They found that diabetes can cause to pancreatic cancer and Bitter Melon can prevent it.


Scientific Evidence

How it consider to diabetes?

According to studies in 2011 they found that using 2000mg of Bitter Melon can reduce blood glucose level in type 2 diabetic mellitus patients.

Although Using Bitter Melon can tolerate glucose level in cells.


Pancreatic cancer

Many cancerous tumors have insulin receptors which move glucose to cancer cells helping them to grow and divide.

Studies tell that this Insulin helps to form pancreatic cancers.

But Bitter Melon regulates the Insulin level and prevents pancreatic censers.

According to one study they injected pancreatic tumor cells among people and randomly divided to 2 groups.

Then they give water for one group and Bitter Melon juice for other group within 6 weeks.

Then they found that Bitter Melon can't inhibit cancer cell formation but they kill formed cancer cells. This helped to inhibit spreading cancer from 60%.


Availability of Bitter Melon

It can get from many forms. As a vegetable, fruit, powder, juice or boiled pieces like that.



If you add Bitter Melon for your diet make shuwer you only get 2 ounce of Bitter Melon per one day. Because over intake of Bitter Melon can help to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

If you use Bitter Melon for control blood glucose level firstly you get advice from your doctor and you should have to check is it good with your diabetic medications. Because both 2 uses can cause to hypoglycemia.


Other uses of Bitter Melon

This is a traditional medication. It helps to treat colic, fever, burns, chronic cough, painful menstruation and skin conditions.

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