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How to disappear pores from one ingredient

People in oily skin have large and visible pores. They are tried to disappear it by shrinking the skin.

Actually there are many applicant have in market that make skin tightness and reduce size of pores. But you can make remedy for that in home.

Try to do it

Water and baking soda

You want 2 table spoon of baking soda and 2 table spoon of water for that remedy. Mix these 2 ingredients and mix it well then apply in face.

Then put it about 15 minutes for dry it. Then wash out from cool water.

These all remedies are completely natural and it wants 2-3 ingredients only.

Egg white and lemon juice

Apply few drops of lemon juice for 2 egg white and mix it well. Then apply it in face and after few minutes wash out from cool water. It will help to tighten skin pores and also remove dead cells and oil of the skin.

Cucumber, lemon juice and rose water

Firstly peel cucumber and crush it. Then apply 1 tea spoon of rose water and few drops of lemon juice. Then apply it in a clean cloth and put it in face. Put it few minutes and wash out from cool water.

Tomato and lemon juice.

Apply some drop of tomato juice and lemon juice and mix it. Then apply it in your face using cotton ball. Put it about 15 minutes and then wash out from cool water. Acidity of lemon remove oil in your skin.

Almond and lemon juice

Few almonds in a small dish of water and leave them soak during the night. Then morning, mash the almonds and make a paste from them. Apply few drop of lemon juice for it and put it about 30 minute. Then wash out from cool water.

Lemon and pineapple juice

Squeeze the lemon out of half a lemon and mix it with half a cup of pineapple juice. Soak clean cloth in it and apply it on your face. Then stay about 5 minutes and wash out from cool water. Enzymes in pine apple are clean your skin.


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