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This is really hard topic to talk. But it is very important. Therefore we should talk about it. You will be uncomfortable when it happens in front of the people. But breaking wind is very useful sign to find about your healthy life. 


1. The first warning

No matter it is so hard. This will indicate about various diseases in your body. Painful wind and strong odor will indicate something wrong in your body. 

2. Reduces swelling

This will reduce swelling in the body. Get remember a time that you have got over food. This will increase your body weight 5 times than normal weight. In here you have got more food, more water and there are more gases in your stomach. Removing gases will make so comfortable for you. 

3. The smell is a good thing

The odor will occur as hydrogen sulfide. Big doses of this gas will be toxic for your body. But low doses will protect your body cells. 

4. It can help you determine your nutritional needs

Nutrition is very important to our health. Various food will produce various gases. This gases will indicate about your food pattern. If you pass hardly gases then you should increase fiber diet. If you eat more red meat you have bad gases and you have cut off red meats. 

5. Gases are a sign of good bacteria

This will show about bacteria in your body. Thin person will pass gases more than fat person. Fruits vegetable and fiber diet will stimulate the digestion. Friend bacteria will stimulate the more gas production. 

6. Gases are healthy for our bowels

To maintain health of your intestine you should not stop breaking wind. You will have painful cramps in the intestines when you try to stop the passing gases.

7. It just feels good

Oh please be honest. Isn’t that a good feeling when you are pass gasses? It is very hard to not pass the gases when you want to do it. You have to get great effort to stop that. So it is very simple. To feel relax just pass that. 

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