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Sweating of the feet is very common cause to fungal infections. Sometimes medical experts advises to walk with barefoot for this reason. It is very important that keep your feet healthy during hot summer. 


You should avoid to use nylon socks and synthetic insoles. If already you have fungal infections will see what you can do for that? 


You need to soak your feet by this fluids.



Acidophilus is a live bacteria which is suitable for fungal infections. Friendly microorganisms will help to destroy enemies. Yoghurt will help to destroy fungal infections. Rub your feet completely by yoghurt and leave to dry completely. After that wash out properly. 


Hydrogen peroxide

This will help to death of fungi. Soak your feet using Cool water and hydrogen peroxide. Naturally fungal infection will go down. In here 100ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide and I liter of distilled water should be mixed. Soak your feet in this mixture for 20 minutes. You should do this treatment every morning. 


Corn starch

This is great absorber. This will absorb the moisture of the feet and destroy the fungal and bacterial infections. You should mix ½ teaspoon of corn starch with lukewarm water. Put this in the oven and keep it until it goes dark. First off all wash your feet and dry it properly. After that apply mixture and leave for a minute. Then wash out with lukewarm water. 


Sodium Bicarbonate

Mix sodium bicarbonate with cool water in ration of 1:3. 

This will help to destroy all bacterial infections. 

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