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Urination frequent tell about your health

If we not consider about our urination frequency it tells hydration in our body.

If we get more fluids we void urine several times.

According it that if we got alcohol coffee or bladder irritant fluids we can expect more frequent of urination.

Some people hold urine in more times and some want void quickly.


Can we urinate more times?

If you void urine more than 11 times a day after you getting 2l of fluids it is not good.

It became due to sensitivity of the bladder.


Other problems of urination

In old age urination frequent is high

That is not good store urine if become sensitivity of urination well. It can help for infections.

The normal color of urine is yellow.

Some foods change urine color

There are 95% of water in urine

Fruit smell urine become due to diabetic.

If your sleep disturbance due to urination avoid get drinks before go to bed.

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