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Do you know that the main question among the world wide women is how to lose weight very fast and how to keep body shape? So the women always searching solutions for tat. There are lot of articles diet plans advices in internet that help to reduce weight. But they are very short acting solutions. But there is magic drink that help you to lose your body weight while doing best prevention methods of taking correct foods and do exercises. 

Tis drink can make in the home and follow these simple instructions. 

What do you need?

• 8 glasses water

• 1 tsp grated ginger root

• 1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled and cut into slices

• 1 medium-sized lemon cut into slices

• 12 fresh mint leaves and 1 tsp dried mint

How do you make?

Very simple. Mix all the things in a bowl. Put this bowl for whole night in the fridge. After drink this 4-5 glasses in a day. To have good results drink this before your breakfast. You can lose weight by drinking this drink while doing normal physical exercises. 

Use this drink continuously 4 days and take a week break. Then you will lose your weight quick.

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