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Do you know crying is useful for your health?

Crying much time is a sign of weakness and poor personality of a person.

Some people try to get sympathy and hide faults using tears.But crying is useful for your health.


When we in sad we will crying.Then automatically release our body chemicals and it help to relieve pain.

It is very important to crying if we have a depression or sadness.Then we get a release.

Sometimes we are crying in happy but many times we are crying during deep pain or anguish.

Let’s sea benefits of tearing.


Important to vision

Tears are preventing drying our mucus membrane of eye and also protect the shape. Increase the vision.


Kill bacteria

Lysozymes in tears are kill bacteria.


Eliminate toxin

Eliminate toxins that producing from tension and other factors.


Reduce stress

Tearing is equal to sweating. Both methods reduce stress.


Develop mood

High manganese level in the body makes fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Tearing eliminate large quantity of manganese and prevent these problems.


Always remember that

Now you have an idea about benefits of tearing.Theirfor don't try to store tears.

Don’t be ashamed to tearing if you want it.Tears can wash out our some problems.

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