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See what happen walking without slippers only 5 minute a day.


Since the past we were walking without slippers.In that time there is no any concept about slippers or shoes.

But today people got a habit to walk without slippers in walking yards. They had understand it gives good sense but it not happened using slippers.


That is very important walking without slippers, because of our extremities connect with vital organs.Walkjing without slippers can stimulate these points and give positive energy.


Energy flaw

This is not a new thing for people.IT is become in Eastern philosophy and medicine. Chinese call this "Chi" and Indian call this " Prana".

They believe they can get good health pressuring these points.They tell it provide good circulation for vessels.

There is no an enough circulation if block the blood vessels.Then organs haven't good energy flaw and they become weak and develop diseases.

Therefor stimulate these organs from walking without slippers and give message it has a good energy flaw.This is called "grounding" That means connect the bio electrical field.



If you haven't a time to walk with a naked foot massage your foot every morning in mannualy.It is usual pressuring painful points in your foot.

This method very common in chines.They have a custom children massage father's foot after fathers arrive to home end of a working day.

This is considering a sign of respect but it increases the energy.

People are found that acupressure can prevent hormonal problems, heart failures, frequent infections, lack of energy, indigestion, and tension.

It can protect our organs

If you decide to walk in naked foot do it every day at least 5 minutes and try to increase the time. You can start a good day.

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