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Reflexology is applying pressure on to the specific area for hands, feet or ear. This willl changed your body systems’ functions. pain can relieve by this treatment. children are very sensetive to pysical touch than adults.


How do you prevent you baby crying by Reflexology applies



You have to rub tips of toes with a pressure. This will reduce tooth pain and neck pain. 


Middle of the Head and teeth area rubbing is reduce cold or respiratory diseases on your body. 


Congestion will reduce by these treatments. You have to rub top of the feet in arch shape area.  That will reduce your chest pain.

Upper and Lower Abdomen

The arch of the feet will respond to the abdomen. Heart burn, digestion issues, constipation, obstruction of the intestines will relieve by this treatment.


Pelvis will respond to the heel of the feet. You have put pressure on this area and you can reduce tightness of muscles and there pain. 

CAUTION you must take medical advices if your child is with a severe pain. This treatment will relieve pain only. 

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