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Instant food will save your time and they are very famous. But it will be a big problem for your health. Today we will explain you about a soup that will reduce your body weight. 

There are fully natural things. Therefore soup will reduce your body weight. You can have this soup whenever you have hungry. 

This will burn your body fat and remove your body toxins. 

• Half a cabbage

• 2 green peppers

• 3 celery stalks

• 6 tomatoes

• 6 large onions

• Spices

How do you make this?

Wash all the things and chop. Take a bowl and fill it from water and boil. You can have this when soup is soft. 

You can have this 7 days when you have a hungry. But after 7 days you can add this for your normal diet. You can see results after few days.

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