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Do you have any swelling in your gums? No. It's not a complex problem. It’s a common problem

In swelling of gums it bulge, redness and pain present and also bleeding from gums while tooth brushing.


What are the considerable factors for gum swelling?

This is an infection and also pregnency,imbalanced nutrition’s, abnormal positioning in the teeth, Smoking, wrong brushing methods also affect for gum swelling.



It can use oral medications. Some first aids can relieve pain and swelling in the home but if you have pain within 2 weeks you should meet dental doctor.


1.Balanced nutrition

This is a important step for all health problems. If we get balance nutritional diet with calcium, vitamins and minerals we can prevent gum swelling. Lemon, orange, pineapple, strawberry, like fruits give vitamin C,Milk, fish  give calcium, green color vegetables give folic acid,egg and cod liver oil give vitamin D.

2.Hot and cool fermentation

It can relieve pain.However this is not doing directly the gums and should formant ate the face. Firstly hot water and secondly cool water like do 2-3 times.

3.Salt water

Salt can prevent grow of bacteria inside the mouth. While brushing teeth apply some salt in gums gently and wash out it from warm water.You should do it twice a day also.

4.Aloe Vera

This is a natural herbal for gums swelling. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics of aloe vera give the relieve for pain.Apply Aloe Vera jel on affected gum and wash out with Luke warm water. Do it many times per day.


This is also anti-inflammatory natural herble.Make paste using turmeric dust and water. then apply it gently and wash out from warm water.

6.Black tea bags

It has tannin. It can prevent infections. Soak some tea in warm water and apply on infected area. Then wash out with warm salt water. Do it twice a day.

7.Hydrogen Peroxide

This is an antiseptic for using mouth diseases.


Make paste by mixing ginger and salt. Then apply it.

9. Clove

Mix some clove oil with pepper and apply it. You will relieve pain. 

10. Remind these points

Brush teeth well, don’t get very hot or very cool beverages, avoid from alcohol and tobacco.

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