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Papaya is very delicious food and it is very useful for various health problems such as heart disease, digestive problems, and for cancer also. 

But all the people will throw away papaya seeds when they eating papaya. But do you know that papaya seeds are very good for your health wellbeing? 

What are the benefits for your Health by papaya seeds? 

• Improve Digestive Health

Papaya seeds will improve your digestive health and minimize the activity of bacteria. 

• Prevent Cancer

Papaya seeds will reduce the growth of cancer cells and this treatment will very useful for breast cancers, prostate cancers, colon cancers, and lung cancers. 

• Detoxify Liver

This will act as a detoxifier of liver. It will increase activity of liver. 

• Detoxify Kidneys

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory quality will detoxify your kidneys. 

• Reduce Inflammation In Inflammatory Diseases

Symptoms of Arthritis, joint pain, asthma will reduce by this papaya seeds.

• Natural Contraceptive

Ancient Indians use papaya seeds for contraceptive purpose. Spe.. count of men will reduce as papaya seeds. Therefore, you have to stop take papaya seeds if you want a baby. 

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