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Many people do not know about tapeworm infection as they do not visible symptoms usually. But they are very dangerous. They can live in the human body without any symptoms for many years. There are about 100 millions cases in the world about tapeworm infection. If this they enter the blood stream they will make a cyst in the muscles. But there are lots of treatment for tapeworm infection. 

This is a mild infection. So people may not recognize symptoms and this will affect for long period to your body. 

Many symptoms will show on digestive system and those symptoms can be found easily. You will feel nausea and queasy. Abnormal sounds will present in bowel. You will see tapeworms in the toilet also. You may feel sharp pain on stomach and muscle cramps rarely. 

You will be fatigue easily and decrease the weight. Frequent hungry and easily get sick will be symptoms of the tapeworm infection. 

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